Seeds and Digging

We’re getting ready for the coming season at the plot, the first broad beans are now up and potted on. We have a second batch seeded now and we have several other lots of seeds starting off.

It’s also been a busy month with digging, we have extended the beds and gone from six to eight beds which are slightly narrower at 5 feet wide.

Will post up a photo of how the plot looks now to show you the new layout of the beds.

Time for a rest!

plot-after-first-digSo the first dig is done, it’s time for a rest.

While digging I have tried (with limited success) to take as much Cooch Grass as can be freely pulled out without breaking any part off.  The weed is one of those that if any part is left in the soil it will re-root and regrow.

Here is how the beds are layed out, you can also see the pallet compost that I have built in the far corner of the plot.

The ground

groundThis is what  the ground on the plot was like before starting to dig.  The biggest problem is the Cooch Grass.  As I got the plot during the winter I have used a spade to dig, turning the turf over with the hope of the soil breaking down with the winter frosts and potential snow.

The hard work begins.

The inaugural spade.

The first spade in!

With the planning and design stage done it’s time to start the hard work of digging the plot over for the first time.  I was lucky enough to get my allotment in December.  I know that if you are on a waiting list for a space you can’t be choosy as to when you get offered one but this is a perfect time to start digging over.  If you are digging up lawn to start a vegetable patch or just a site that has not been touched for a while digging over with a spade now allows the frost/snow of winter to help break down the clods.